Peter Martinček:composer

Peter Martinček

( Slovakia )
The Slovakian born musician Peter Martinček van Grob is one of the leading composers in the world.He is active in the fields of contemporary classical music and film music and teaches composition.

born on November 13, 1962 Bratislava - Slovakia
at the age of five he attended private piano lessons at Mrs. prof.P.Pokojna,eleven year old he wrote his first composition
1978 1982 he studied composition and conducting at the Conservatory in Bratislava (composition Juraj Pospíšil, conducting Adolf Vykydal, piano Maria Masarikova)
1982 1987 the Academy of Music and Drama in Bratislava (composition prof.Dezider Kardoš)
1986 a study programme at the Academy of Music (Accademia Chigiana) in Siena-Italy (F. Donatoni)
from 1987- 2012 he teached music theory and composition at the Conservatory in Bratislava
1990 - 1994 head of the Composition and Conducting Department of the Conservatory, where he led the Ensemble for contemporary music
1995 -1998 he has worked at the Department of Theoretical Subjects of the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts-VŠMU, where he taught Esthetics of Music and Musical History of the 20th Century

Jury Member of Composer Competitions : Roma,Wien,Bratislava,Košice ...
Member of Slovak C.A.,SOZA,LITA,EU-Art Network, WCA etc.

He got a lot of domestic and foreign prices :
- Grand Prix Rocky Mountain for opera Memento - Montreal 1991
- Music found prizes for "3 lyrical choirs","Oratorium-opera Memento"
- Best chamber vocal composition "Ave Maria" - Europe,USA
- Special prize for music to the Film "Visionen aus dem Inferno" - Berlin International Film Festival

Peter Martinček got in 2015 for his 4.symphony Grand prix J.L.Bella for the best composition (2014)

His music plays now around the world with great success.

see: Wikipedia,Osobnosti Sk,Brithispedia,Larousse.....